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We have always provided tele-therapy. Nothing stands changed. In light of the lockdown, we extend our tele-therapy provision to all those who need it; children and adults (as applicable). Please get in touch with us to find out if you can avail our tele-therapy services and how we can structure it specifically for your needs.

Speech & Language Evaluation

We offer assessment & therapy services for children who present with speech, language...

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Dysphagia Assessment

Children who are born preterm, picky eaters, those who have weak facial muscles, hyper/hypo sensitivity...

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Individual Speech & Language Therapy

Once an assessment and evaluation is completed, regular therapy sessions are scheduled...

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AAC Assessment

AAC includes all forms of communication (other than oral speech) that are used to express...

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About Us

Welcome! SPARC (Speech Pathology & Allied Rehabilitative Clinic) is a therapy centre founded by Anuja Katrak (MSc, CertMRCSLT; HCPC). The centre covers neo-natal, school age, adult and geriatric populations using areas of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Neuro-Rehab. SPARC aims to help children and adults overcome speech, language, feeding/swallowing and related difficulties. It is a centre where passion brings progress.


To maintain privacy and confidentiality of patients, the names or identity are not disclosed.

A Father

You have gone above and beyond what you needed to for our son’s speech and language therapy goals. You guided us on issues impacting his quality of life and helped us identify the best educational setting for him. Once we made the changes we can see what a bright and happy child our son can be.

A Mother

Without your guidance I don’t know where my son would be. You’ve gone out of your way to do more than you needed to. What should have been diagnosed and treated years ago, you did as soon as you saw my son. Thank you for putting us on the right path and making sure we got the correct and best treatment. “Thanks” will never be enough – I am so grateful.